Pete Vincent Segro

Nothing short of a walking contradiction.


Worthless Wishes Empty kisses Stares that turned to glares Everything was different when you got in I looked at you, saw your smile It pushed me into a greater form … Continue reading

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Digital Utopia

So many are determined to become a template So here’s some food for thought to scavenge off my chest-plate I was told by my mother “Never judge a book by … Continue reading

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Life’s Prey

We slide life underneath a microscope Proceeding to magnify and minimize desperately I’m breathing heavily, feeling faint, such tainted words you left with me I’m feeling blue, but these days … Continue reading

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Prelude To My New Story “A Matter Of Perspective”

It’s 2:00 am and I’m laying in bed with a half lit cigarette and a head filled with clouded thoughts. My dog resides on the floor with a slight moan hoping … Continue reading

November 22, 2013 · 2 Comments

The Seesaw Of Life

So many people with so many names. So many Promises made In vain. So many people who’ve stayed the same. So much destruction of things we once loved. The hippies … Continue reading

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I have forsaken my pride, thrown it out for the thrill of the ride. Basking in a pool of self-pity writing poems nothing short of half witty. She pointed that … Continue reading

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Second Chances

The knob is battered and rusty, overflowing with tormenting memories of it’s dreary past. A knob that was once so often touched now remains so lonesome. The essence of the deceased … Continue reading

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And It Hits

We all have a choice, a decision to make. Follow your gut, or suffer a fatal mistake. Misconceptions of right and wrong, questioning judgement due to a song. Unexpected death … Continue reading

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Thoughts Of A Past Arrangement.

So much for future plans. So much for our clinging hands. So much for what you said we’d be. So much for everything we forgot to see. I am me … Continue reading

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